Offshift anon to Launch on Mainnet March 2


On March 2 2023, Offshift anon will launch on Ethereum’s mainnet, the result of two and a half years of hard work by Offshift Core. We dedicate it to our loyal community, who have been with us through the good times and the trying times alike, and who share in the commitment to privacy and individual sovereignty that drove us.

Offshift anon is a fully on-chain, non-custodial platform that dissolves the existing tradeoffs between privacy and yield generation by dissociating users from their assets via the Mint-and-Burn Tokenomics native to the Offshift Ecosystem.

On Offshift anon, users burn XFT in order to become anonymous owners of the anonAssets they mint. Users may subsequently begin exploring opportunities to engage in DeFi applications with their anonAssets while remaining fully anonymous.

If you haven’t been with us for the last few years, you can read a full protocol description in the Offshift anon Litepaper.

If you’re more of a visual learner, have a look at the infographics below for a detailed view of how Shifting works on Offshift anon.

Shift Part 1: Deposit & Burn XFT

Shift Part 2: Mint anonUSD

If you want to experience the Offshift anon launch with one of the most friendly and dedicated communities in crypto, come by the official Offshift Telegram, where there’s always someone from the community or the team to answer any questions you might have.